Férias - Patagônia Argentina - Ushuaia

So, it was difficult to decide where I should go this time. However, any place would be a magical place to visit then I decided to go to the South of the world, almost the end of it. It was an amazing trip, a magical experience. I was in touch with nature in its purest way. On the other hand it gave me much time to think and it was strange how many people kept in my mind during that time...

The first stop - Ushuaia

  The whole city is surrounded by mountains.

Then I tried to snap a mirror view...

All what pictures can take is stil a small percentage of what it really is.

Harbour at night.

I probably took many times the same picture landscape.
For my happines, it snowed!! :-)

Breathless... but full of joy!

4x4... adventure in nature!

Place: It is called Del Fin Del Mundo, but it felt home.
Sound track: Phillip Phillips - The World From The Side Of The Moon
Excursions: 4x4, train del fin del mundo and National Park


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