Life is moviment

How many times we wished a moment to be frozen? How many times we have asked to pass fast the time because of a pain?

In all cases time has its own way to work on. Time counts seconds that can be felt as hours, in the same way that hours can look as minutes.

It always depends on our mood, our spirit, our emotional condition.

But it doesnt matter in which step you are: Life is movement.

The happiest time will past as much as the saddest time will end. However, energy is also the name of the game. If sadness is been feeding, certainly your equilibrium would take longer time to come. If the focus is on maintenance of harmony, it would be more difficult to feel blue.

We are humans full of desires, wishes and faults.
We are also, sons and daughters of the Universe, which fights for our development. 
For a while, there is going to be two kinds of paths to be chosen: 1st - keep moving and it doesnt matter where you are going since you have been rowing. 2nd - feeding what it isnt good to you.

I hope we always choose the first. Even without knowing the direction it takes, we let life to take the row and time do blow the wind.

To Fatih.


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