When love is found

Or should I say, when love finds us?

I don't know how it exactly happens, if people look for it, or run away from it.
And I think it doesn't really matter where you are, if you wanna, you fall in love. Might not be what you need, but you have looked for it. Once I've heard to wait for it, because those who wait, only accepts what is good and joyful, while those who look for it, don't have the same happiness to reach into a nice companion. For my private experience, I would say: - I agree!

But still, when people wait for it, are they open? What is the edge of waiting and belief? What is the hope to dream about something and wait? Anyway... only words here. But the world is full of love, it just need to put in practice.

Sometimes I think that we always love the person, we just don't know yet. Maybe because you haven't seen each other yet. Maybe people are more concerned about becoming rich or to have fun with wrong people. Or just because you aren't sure about what you want.

But I believe it happens, I just don't know when it happens.

Well, probably the beauty is in it, not in how it happens, besides, when it happens, it gets through everyday and so on...

* The Proposal


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