I wish I had only half of your courage Justin...

Or should I say madness?!??
'Cause I know that into my whole life it wasn't courage, it was madness.

Anyway, whatever it is, I wanna it. Otherwise, it looks like that I'm never gonna do something that I like. I'll stay at my square, doing stuff that I ordinary do. What I can say that for most people is something that they'd hardly do it. Trips alone, change work, life alone, change of habits etc ordinary for me, craziness for them.

Tell me how you don't fear love,
Tell me how you can accept whatever life gives to you,
Tell me how you live day by day, not caring away about your next day,
Tell me how you can free your love ones and just take what they give to you,
Tell me how you follow your heart and not give a shit for consequences,
Tell me how you can know your value, not minimizing people around you,
Tell me how we do two plus two equal four...

Justin, let me know how you do it... maybe one day I'll learn it.
Until there, keep going boy, keep going.

* Queer as Folk - no matter how far or where I am, it is always a marvelous company. Tks boys!


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