Old me, new me

Do you know when you look back and see an old person of yourself?! Yep! That's it.
That is my old me that it doesn't match anymore with my new me.
And I can tell how much I've been walking through these paths and it's marvellous look back, look now and then and notice how much I've changed.
Unfortunately, it's not everyone who can see it. But hopefully who can and should, will see it.
Most important is I can see it. What makes me proud of myself to keep going and don't give up, don't lose faith on me today or ever.

It still happens moments where there are some doubts about it. I think it's part of the game.
But I can't deny my heart, my soul, my wisdom. It's not be more than others, it's a matter of being yourself. Sometimes it means being different, other moment is being better than you. And what makes me even better it is recognize this issue as well. To say when differences are equal, better or worse. To value your human being as same as value mine.

Today is a beautiful day! :-)


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