Begin Again

You know, every time I travel, I normally pick up a soundtrack to follow my steps while going around places. When I left for this last trip I thought that Ed Sheeran would do the leave. But what surprise when I had the opportunity to watch the movie Begin Again and fell completely in love with it. With every piece of the movie. The plot, the caracters, the landscape (that it is going to be my next trip!), and the soundtrack. How amazing it was. It's got mine entire being. I could write a book of poems, different stories, imaginary lives from each one of the lyrics. The movie is classified as comedy, although from my point of view is not only comedy, but life. How life can be surprising. It shows how we have to endeavor to our dreams come true. And once again I've learnt about people and myself. I could add experience and knowledge, becoming aware a little bit more of my capacity.
Follow the link for the full sound track: I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have.


Solange Maia disse…
minha postagem de hoje foi pra você, querida...



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