It's time to come back!

It was a wondrous trip... At one point people ask me which travel was better. Well, it's pretty hard to compare them, since I've been visiting different places. However, all of them have shown speechless diverse landscapes, still have the same spirit of adventure. Besides the whole experience that it is been with people from around the world and from the place itself. People are always people. When someone is good, it's going to be pleasant at anyplace. while those who can't enjoy so many beauties altogether, can damage some moments from the trip. I can say that I've been crossing and being crossed by many individuals who have been making counted the time spare away from home and reality. What it can be said about that time far from home... it is not always a fantasy either the real life, but it could be described as a middle term. A period given to those who look for something beyond their own discoveries. Anyway, I'm grateful for that. I've learnt, always... But it's time to come back.

Mais história para contar...

E todas as vezes que viajo, há coisas novas que trago, e algumas coisas que deixo para trás... físicas e emocionais.


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