Before Midnight

And you discover that things at first made you love me, let the same love to die.
But, fortunately there are parts of us that never die. And it is those parts which hold us together. Than, once in a while or both of us want to give up. Although one of us get ride of the bullshit and returns to reality. However, we want to believe that our lives would be different from the others. And it 's completely frustrating when we see that we have been following those same steps. Because there are roles in life that can never be changed. So, what we do? What should we do? Well, maybe, we just need to come back to the time where things were simpler in our lives. When we used to see things colourful and pleasant all the time. And I still don't get it, why we stop looking it as a rainbow the way we used to?!?! What exactly happens to change it?

I don't know... but you know, I just fall in love again.
This time was Ethan Hawke. Amazing character.


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