What can I say??...

Well, actually.... a lot!
2014 was as a wonderful as painful year. Luckily, the pain was not at the end of it, but definetely it was a big part of the lesson. The year started with a fight. Something that the ex (who was not ex at that time) wanted to give to me. Although it was not something that I wanted. The funny part was that at the end of the relationship wasn't easy to take the ring off for me, but for him, it looked something dump... so, what was that important?? Anyway... but it was a tough time until the end of the relationship. Even it was something clear at my mind that it wasn't anymore for me, something that was making me unhappy, I couldn't let it go, I didn't want to be single again (shame of me!) It was horrible because it was bringing the worst side of me. Fortunately, he had the guts and cut it out and let us freed. It hurt! However, I couldn't be more pleased to that. I've learnt so much because of all of that. I could see how much I've walked from the point I started. I've recognised even more things that I like, because it had been a while since I dated and besides being on my own, living on my own. Plus, I've seen how far it has moved forward my connection with my family - in a positive way. So, I just have things to be thankful for that. Unfortunately, the ex looks so distant, so a strange, that I didn't want to. We didn't need to be friends, but at least, people who had shared lives. I think he doesn't see that way. Ok! I can do nothing about any other person's wishes. Keep going... not so far from today, I've become aware about my own happiness... And it sounded kind of awkward. Let me explain why. Because I'd thought that my happiness was bound to a different reality. And unquestionably it wasn't. It was - and still is - a matter of fact with me. The way I look at things, the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I live, the way I think, the way I do. I can't describe this feeling, but I can say, with truly honesty in my chest - I just love my life! It doesn't mean that I already have everything I want. Nope! It means that I love everything I have in it; and all the things I can do from this point. I'm really grateful for that. I'm blessed. So, I've learnt that I can't give power to things that I still don't have. I have to give strength to positive things that I have, things that belongs to me. Not only material, emotional as well, in order to reach my dreams and conquer what I still want but don't have yet. 
Father, thank you so much for my life! My soul now is getting free... and there is no way of coming back. I'm so happy!! This is something you can't dissemble... 


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