"It's your responsibility to control the outcome."

You can't control what comes from others, but you can control what you produce.
It's not a piece of cake, but it's worth it.
You have to know yourself pretty good to say how much your peace costs.
Due to that you will find a way to put yourself together and reach inner places to find peace and not war.
Once I've wrote: "If you want peace, prepare yourself for the war." However, this war is not outside, it's not what comes from the others, but you have in you, with you, around you. It's your energy that counts. Your thoughts. Your choices.
And it doesn't matter what happens to you, what people do to you, it matters what you do when they do.
We need to live in society, even if it's a small place, or small family, or small number of friends, it's still people who can act differently enough for a misunderstanding. And it's still on you, your responsibility to control the outcome.
Learn that, and you will have the world.
I only hope that people would learn it to achieve greater steps in spiritual life. Otherwise, I'm afraid that people could use it to conquer things without looking at where they are stepping on.


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