Losing yourself

It says that responsability is boring and freeing yourself from it can be a real pleasure.
But how much of "freedom" is possible to have while life expects so much from you?
And I think that everyone is f***** in so many ways that once in a while is part of the game to lose yourself.
I still just hate when I think that I couldn't accomplished again being the person I'd love to. Especially with people close to me. Especially with men who share lives with me. And I'm questioning myself if I only hate the situation or the person as well... not goooooood! Shame of me.
Anyway, no excuses, I'm not here to ride or maybe not just to ride, but to grow and keep going until reaching my underestimate goals.
Please, don't let me down.
Please, don't hold me down.
Please, let my wings fly.


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