Dinner with friends

picture by Francine Prado

Another night watching a movie which I had watched about 15 years ago, I could notice how different I am.
Once being such a judgemental person, nowadays, being more flexible and reliable person.
Once acting like the day would die without any improvement, now, I go to bed thanking the Lord for many blessings I have gotten so far and whispering many more.
Once thinking that a successful person would be how won a lot of money or having the house every weekend full of friends. Daily, I conquer more and more steps towards evolution, personnal evolution which many people have kept behind. And discovering that money has its value but without love and respect menas nothing.

Anyway... It has made me happy for knowing how far I have been and how long I can still reach.

Thank you God, with you in my heart and soul and actions, everything is possible.


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