Where is romance???

I have been watching some tv series at the moment to fullfil my "empty" time and I am amazed, not in a good way to see how things are shallow in a general way. At first there is a flert then bed. That's it! I am not going to be hypocrite to say that sometimes we just want to f*ck. However, life is much more than that. And exactly because of it, we should go for better moments in life, even in sex. Or especially in sex. It is a profound intimacy shared, although only a few people try to make it deep, meaningful, careful.

I have to say, there are women who do not know how to recognise a gentleman, because they have been risen to be sufficient by themselves. On the other hand, I truly believe that all women should allow men to be gentle, to be careful, to be a real man when he is with a real woman, At the end, all women want is a guy to take care of her, hold her around his arms and let her to know that everything will be alright. Men have to be supported by their women. The big issue is nature (spirit conditions) and domestic behavior, where parents should raise kids in a much better way, considering good matters at the table, how to treat people (in general!!) and how they will get more improvements into their lives if they help each other.

Anyway... it has been a long way and it will take longer to reach a point that people are not treated like disposable things!

If you want to know how women should be treated, watch the movie Phenomenon and see it! The video is its soundtrack.. lovely, just lovely!


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